The communication of certainty and uncertainty

From the 3rd to the 5th October 2012 at the University of Macerata (Italy) was held the
International Conference “The Communication of Certainty and Uncertainty: Linguistic,
Psychological, Philosophical Aspects” organized by prof. Andrzej Zuczkowski, Ramona Bongelli,
Ilaria Riccioni, Carla Canestrari (University of Macerata), prof. Sibilla Cantarini (University of
Verona) and prof. Anita Fetzer (University of Würzburg). In addition to three invited speakers
(prof. Werner Abraham, University of Wien – Austria & Ludwig-Maximilians University of
München – Germany), prof. Elisabeth Leiss (Ludwig-Maximilians University of München –
Germany), Jan Nuyts (University of Antwerp – Belgium), there were 134 speakers coming from all
the 5 Continents (32 different Countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, France,
Romania, United Kingdom, Finland, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russian Federation, The Netherlands,
Spain, Portugal, Norway, Italy, Canada, Colombia, México, Brazil, South Africa, Tunisia,
Lebanon, Turkey, USA, Japan, China, Morocco, Australia, Argentina, India) and divided in 23
Sessions (Religion, Specific Languages, Music, Media, Law, Multimodality, Communicative
Interaction, Scientific Writing, Theory of Mind, Interaction at School, (Un)Certainty across Age,
Decision making, Humour, Politics, Literature, Second Language and Contrastive Studies,
Academic-Institutional Discourse, Doctor-Patient Interaction, Philosophy, Argumentation and
Persuasion, and three Sessions specifically devoted to Italian, German and French Languages).

High was the scientific level of the Conference; participants appreciated the organization very much (as someone said, “nothing was left to imagination!”) and the climate among them was as warm as the wonderful Italian sun along all the three days!

The Organizing Committee

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