IADA was established in 1990 in Bologna on the occasion of the 3rd International Conference on Dialogue Analysis when it accepted a proposal made by the founding members Sorin Stati, Franz Hundsnurscher and Edda Weigand.

The notion of dialogue is central for its scientific profile. It is however not restricted to a specific view of dialogue nor to a particular model but covers the whole range of language use including approaches based on other concepts such as conversation, discourse or social interaction. The following premises are considered to be common ground: – Language is primarily used for communication. – Communication is always dialogic. In this sense IADA focuses on a notion of ‘Language as Dialogue’.

IADA crosses orthodox disciplinary boundaries and considers a genuinely interdisciplinary approach necessary for addressing the complex phenomenon of dialogue. Linguists, literary scholars, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists and scholars from other disciplines interested in dialogic issues are called upon to join the dialogic circle.

By covering the whole range of language use, dialogue analysis comes close to pragmatics. Indeed every pragmatic issue is included. Dialogue Analysis however provides the analytic key to Pragmatics and thus allows us to structure the uncircumscribed field of a ‘pragmatic perspective’.


IADA aims to promote and undertake research focusing on a dialogic view of language use. IADA therefore sponsors and organizes international conferences as well as national meetings and discussions and supports the publication of substantial pieces of work periodically and otherwise.


If our scientific profile and our activities are of interest to you, we would like to invite you to become a member of IADA.

François Cooren (President)