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Ionescu-Ruxandoiu, Liliana (ed.), in Collaboration with Liliana Hoinarescu (2006): Cooperation and conflict in ingroup and intergroup communication. Selected Papers from the Xth biennial Congress of the IADA, Bucharest 2005. University of Bucharest Press. Proceedings of the IADA Workshop ‘Word Meaning in Argumentative Dialogue’. Homage to Sorin Stati, Milan 2008, ed. by G. Gobber, S. Cantarini, […]

Proceedings published with Niemeyer

Hundsnurscher, Franz / Weigand, Edda (eds.) (1986 ): Dialoganalyse. Referate der 1. Arbeitstagung, Münster 1986. Tübingen: Niemeyer (Linguistische Arbeiten 176). Weigand, Edda / Hundsnurscher, Franz (eds.) (1989): Dialoganalyse II. Referate der 2. Arbeitstagung, Bochum 1988. 2 Vols. Tübingen: Niemeyer (Linguistische Arbeiten 229/230). Stati, Sorin / Weigand, Edda / Hundsnurscher, Franz (eds.) (1991): Dialoganalyse III. Referate […]