Past Conferences

1986: Dialoganalyse I, Münster
1988: Dialoganalyse II, Bochum
1990: Dialogue Analysis III, Bologna
1990: Methodology of Dialogue Analysis, Bologna
1992: Dialogue Analysis IV, Basel
1992: Concepts of Dialogue considered from the perspective of different disciplines, Bologna
1992: Future perspectives of dialogue analysis, Bologna
1994: Dialogue Analysis V, Paris
1995: Dialogue Analysis: Units, relations and strategies beyond the sentence, Bologna
1996: Dialogue Analysis VI: Dialogue in the Heart of Europe, April, 17-20, Prague
1997: Rhetoric and argumentation, Lugano
1998: Dialogue Analysis and the mass media, Erlangen
1999: Dialogue Analysis VII: Working with Dialogue, Birmingham
1999: Negotiation as a Dialogic Concept, Tel Aviv, with Marcelo Dascal/University of Tel Aviv as part of Pragma99: Pragmatics and Negotiation
2000: Dialogue Analysis 2000, June, 15-17, Bologna
2001: Dialogue Analysis VIII: New trends in Dialogue Analysis, Göteborg
2002: Workshop: Dialogue Analysis in and around the multicultural classroom, Utrecht
2002: Argumentation in dialogic interaction, Lugano
2003: Dialogue Analysis IX, April, Salzburg
2003: Il Colloquio Argentino de la IADA I, La Plata, Argentina
2004: Workshop: Theoretical Approaches to Dialogue Analysis, Chicago
2004: Workshop: Confidence / Dévoilement de soi dans l’interaction, Lyon
2005: Il Colloquio Argentino de la IADA II, La Plata, Argentina
2005: Dialogue Analysis X: Cooperation and conflict in ingroup and intergroup communication, Bucharest
2006: Dialogue in and between different cultures, September 26-28, University of Mainz
2007: Dialogue Analysis XI, March 26-30, University of Münster
2007: III Coloquio Argentino de la IADA, May 28-30 2007
2008: Lexical meaning in argumentative dialogue, Catholic University, Milan
2009: IV Coloquio Argentino de la IADA
2009: Dialogue Analysis XII, Unversity Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona
2010: International Symposium on Dialogue in Politics, Würzburg, Germany, September 13-15
2010: Coherence and Cohesion in Verbal Interaction, La Plata, Argentina. October 12-13
2011: Dialogue and Representation – 13th conference of the International Association for Dialogue Analysis. Montréal, Canada. April 26-30