Volume 1/10 Polyphony and Intertextuality in Dialogue


The 12th Conference on Dialogue Analysis was held in Barcelona, at the University Pompeu Fabra in September 2009. Around 150 participants from all over the world explored the general dialogisation in dialogue, under the title “Polyphony and intertextuality in dialogue”. This topic allowed the participants to gain an insight into the complex ways in which utterances are related each others, not only in conversational genres but in all uses of language. Some articles in English and French are collected from these proceedings, where several aspects of dialogism and several areas of discourse are explored. Following these aspects, the proceedings are divided into three parts.

These articles unfold various forms and functions of dialogism in different discursive genres and life situations. They show that, beyond the alternative change of the interlocutors in a face to face conversation, ‘dialogism’ designates the complex and multifarious interrelations among words, utterances, points of view and languages.