DIALOGUE ANALYSIS : LITERATURE AS DIALOGUE THE 14th CONFERENCE OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR DIALOGUE ANALYSIS April 2nd  –  4th , 2012 in Turku,  Finland PLEASE NOTE THE EXTENDED DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS: NOVEMBER 30TH, 2011 Convener Roger D. Sell H.W. Donner Research Professor of Literary Communication The 14th Conference of The International Association for Dialogue Analysis will be hosted by the Literary Communication Project of Åbo Akademi University from April 2nd to 4th, 2012. Proposals are invited for papers on all aspects of Dialogue Analysis. In addition, the Conference will have a thematic focus on the issue of Literature as Dialogue. It is expected that this thematic focus will bring together linguists, literary scholars, and scholars interested in human communication of every kind, including the literary. Part of the background is the increasing emphasis among linguists on the dialogicality of all language use. Equally, the Conference relates to moves by literary critics and theoreticians towards an ethics of writing and reception which sees literary community-making as a process which involves a comparing of notes from what may be widely differing points of view. Invited plenary papers will be delivered by Professor Dame Gillian Beer (Cambridge University), Professor Leona Toker (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Professor Pamela M. King (University of Bristol) and Professor  Franz Hundsnurscher (Westphalian Wilhelm University of Münster). For more information please download the Call for Papers [PDF] Note : Exceptionally, election for the IADA standing committee will be held in Åbo. 2013 “Dialogue in Multilingual Communities of Practice” in Austin, Texas, USA, hosted by Dale Koike, Zsuzsanna Abrams, Carl Blyth & Jürgen Streeck

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