Call for Papers for next year’s IADA international conference in Moscow

Dear IADA members and friends,Now that our 2021 conference is behind us, I’m taking the liberty of sending you the Call for Papers for our 2022 international conference, which will take place at RUDN University in Moscow. This conference, organized by Professor Nataliia L. Sokolova, is titled “Dialogue in a Globalized and Digital World:  Retrospective and prospective studies” will take place from July 12-14, 2022.Please find below the official CFP

IADA 2022

Dialogue in a Globalised and Digital World:

Retrospective and Prospective Studies

Call for Papers

Institute of Foreign Languages

RUDN University


July 12-14, 2022

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The twenty-first century opened us up to a new reality. New smart, digital technologies raised communication opportunities to new heights. One does not even need a computer to participate from the eastern part of the world in a dialogue with someone who is in the west part of the globe. A smartphone is enough. Such worldwide famous programs as MS Teams and Zoom serve many communication needs, including gesture and mimics, as one can both hear and see our interlocutors.

Popular and political discourse is invested in globalization. As we nearly got used to the term ‘ globalized world’, this world starts turning back again to national ideals. Integration or disintegration – that is the question? Covid time is not over. What has it brought to us? Deeper knowledge of how to communicate from a distance or depression and desocialization? Maybe both. One thing is clear. We cannot change strange and cruel circumstances at once, but we can help people and peoples get a new understanding and knowledge of how to survive and make life better through constructive dialogue.

Migration processes captured the globe as well. People of different nations hardly understand each other. Communication barriers based on cultural peculiarities can be brought down. It might be time to work out a migration linguistic policy; a time to ‘break the communication ice’ among the nations. An interdisciplinary approach to the problem of understanding, friendship and cooperation through constructive dialogue is one more goal to achieve.

All the above-mentioned challenges will be the aim of this conference.

The conference theme includes but is not limited to the following sub-themes:

  • Dialogue: retrospective and prospective studies
  • Linguistic dialogue in a modern globalized world
  • Dialogue studies in the field of digital linguistics
  • Technical determination of digitalization: monologue or dialogue?
  • Modern migration: dialogue of cultures or clash of civilizations?
  • East and west, south and north dialogue in the era of smart technologies
  • Artificial intelligence and dialogue
  • Social and psychological aspects of communication and dialogue in modern
  • Digital and smart society
  • Media Ecology and Dialogic Implications

The language of the Conference is English.

The format of the conference is hybrid.

IADA 2022 Local Committee:

  • Nataliia L. Sokolova – Head of the Conference Organising and Program Committee
  • Natalia S. Erokhova
  • Natalia Y. Bezrukova
  • Ludmila A. Egorova
  • Svetlana A. Blinova
  • Ludmila Zh. Karavanova
  • Natalia F. Mikheeva
  • Marina G. Petrova
  • Margarita A. Smolkina

Technical Unit:

  • Leonid N. Chifilev
  • Pavel A. Strunin


Panel and session proposals should be submitted through the conference site from December 15, 2021 to January 31, 2022. Abstracts of individual papers (300-350 words not including bibliography) should be submitted through the conference site by March 1, 2022.

Extended abstracts (2,000 words) are due by May 15, 2022.

Notification of acceptance will be announced by March 31, 2022.


Accepted extended abstracts will be published in the Conference Proceedings (RSCI indexed) by the RUDN University Publishing House due to the Conference. The Organizers intend to submit Conference Proceedings for consideration for indexing in the Web of Science database. The editorial board reserves the right to reject abstracts/extended abstracts that do not meet the selection criteria or do not fall into the scope of the Conference.

A special issue of “Language and Dialogue” is planned with selected papers focused on the conference subtopic “Dialogue in a modern globalized world.” An edited volume in the series “Dialogue Studies” will also include selected papers focused on the conference subtopic “Dialogue studies in the field of digital linguistics.” Details will be given later about the review process. Individual papers that will not correspond to the proposed topics can be submitted in regular issues of “Language and Dialogue” or volumes of “Dialogue Studies” after the usual reviewing process.

Conference Registration

To register, log on to the IADA website for instructions. Attendees must be current members of IADA to participate in the conference.

For participants who are not members of IADA, the conference requires nonmember participants to register for membership first. For participants who are

IADA members, the registration fees are listed below.

Early registration through June 15, 2022. Late registration after June 15, 2022.

Tier A Countries


Early Registration: 70 euros

Late Registration: 100 Euros


Early Registration: 35 Euros

Late Registration: 50 Euros

Tier B Countries


Early Registration: 50 Euros

Late Registration: 80 Euros


Early Registration: 25 Euros

Late Registration: 40 euros


In case you need visa support from the RUDN University, please fill in the application form and send a scanned copy of your passport to Natalia Erokhova, Organizing Committee



We recommend the hotel located near the Institute of Foreign Languages of the RUDN University, which offers lower prices:

• Astrus Hotel


• Campus of RUDN University. The number of double rooms is limited.

To book a room in the hotel Astrus on lower prices or on the Campus you need to send a request to Natalia Erokhova, Organizing Committee


We also recommend another hotel located nearby:

• Salut Hotel The reservation of rooms in Salut Hotel is carried out by the participants on their own.Looking forward to seeing you in Moscow!Best regards,

François CoorenIADA Treasurer